Review: Why Evolution Is True

2. Written in the Rocks

  • The Fossil Record
    • Of necessity incomplete
  • Formation
    • Remains of plant/animal must enter water and sink to bottom
    • Quickly get covered by sediment
      Avoid decay and effects of scavengers
    • Hard parts are replaced by dissolved minerals
  • 250k fossil species
    • Only 0.1–1% of all
    • Age determined by
      • Principle of Superposition
      • Carbon dating since 1945
  • Facts
    • Old fossils are of simplest species
    • Youngest fossils are most similar to living species
    • We can see evolutionary changes within lineages
    • We can see common ancestors and transitional forms
      • 2004 Tiktaalik roseae discovered
      • 1860 Archaeopteryx lithographica
      • “Needless to say, no Precambrian rabbits, or any other anachronistic fossils, have ever been found.”
    • “So the appearance of species through time, as seen in fossils, is far from random. Simple organisms evolved before complex ones, predicted ancestors before descendants. The most recent fossils are those most similar to living species. And we have transitional fossils connecting many major groups. No theory of special creation, or any theory other than evolution, can explain these patterns.”
    • “…the fossil record gives no evidence for the creationist prediction that all species appear suddenly and then remain unchanged. Instead, forms of life appear in the record in evolutionary sequence, and themselves evolve and split.”

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