Review: Why Evolution Is True

4. The Geography of Life

  • The biogeographic evidence for evolution is now so powerful that I have never seen a creationist book, article, or lecture that has tried to refute it. Creationists simply pretend that the evidence doesn’t exist.”
  • Explanation of distributions of plants and animals across the globe
    • Continental drift
      • Common ancestors were separated and evolved independently
      • Convergent evolution
        Species in similar environments will experience similar selection pressure and may evolve similar trarts.
      • No creationist, whether of the Noah’s Ark variety or otherwise, has offered a credible explanation for why different types of animals have similar forms in different places. All they can do is invoke the inscrutable whims of the creator.”
    • Islands
      • Continental vs oceanic
        Continental islands were once joined to mainland.

        • Very old continental islands have somewhat imbalanced flora and fauna
          • NZ, Madagascar
      • Oceanic
        • Oceanic islands have missing groups: mammals, amphibians, freshwater fish.
        • Species that exist can colonise through long-distance dispersion
        • Many similar species:radiation
          • Empty habitats
          • Galápagos finches
            • And there’s even a “vampire finch” that pecks wounds on the rear ends of seabirds and then laps up the blood.”
        • Species are mostly similar to those on nearest mainland
    • Molecular taxonomy

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