Review: Why Evolution Is True

3. Remnants: Vestiges, Embryos, and Bad Design

  • Vestigial traits
    • “It is vestigial not because it’s functionless, but because it no longer performs the function for which it evolved.”
    • Examples
      • Wings in flightless birds
      • Eyes in species that operate in dark
      • Humans that can wiggle ears
  • Atavisms
    • Throwback traits
      • Whales with legs
    • Embryonic developments that disappear
  • Dead genes/Pseudogenes
    • No longer function
    • DNA evidence for evolution and common ancestry
  • “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.”
    • Kind of
  • Bad Design
    • Perfect design would truly be the sign of a skilled and intelligent designer. Imperfect design is the mark of evolution; in fact it’s precisely what we expect from evolution.”
    • ID proponents still argue “God did it, but we don’t know why.”
      • But evolution as an explanation still makes sense. Who needs God?

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