Review: Why Evolution Is True

6. How Sex Drives Evolution

  • Explain apparently dysfunctional adaptations
    • Peacock’s tail
    • Bower bird nest building
    • Bright colouring
  • Sexual dimporhism
    • Predicts which sex has to compete to mate
      Usually, but not always the male

      • This correlation is another triumph for evolutionary theory, for it is predicted only by the idea of sexual selection and not by any creationist alternative.”
  • Aim is reproduction not survival
    • Natural selection produces traits that attract mates
      Female preferences are strengthened because those preferences are strengthened by successful reproduction
  • It is not yet understood why sex evolved
    Each partner only contributes 50% of genes.

    • Two sexes is best
    • Males gametes are smaller than female gametes
      Lots of sperm, few eggs
    • Sperm is cheap, eggs are not
      • Females are, therefore, fussy

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