The Great EU Debate: Boris Johnson vs Boris Johnson

A little bit of fun at BoJo’s expense…

Pride's Purge

Boris Johnson debate

Here it is – the great EU referendum debate featuring two of the finest debaters on opposite sides of the EU argument:

Boris Johnson vs Boris Johnson

Question Number 1.
How necessary or important is it that this referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU takes place? Over to you first, Mr Boris Johnson …

Boris Johnson debate 1

 Nov 2012

What do you have to say to that, Mr Johnson?

Boris Johnson debate 2

April 2015

Strong words from Boris for his opponent Boris Johnson. Now for question Number 2.
What would happen if Britain left the EU. Mr Johnson?

Boris Johnson debate 3

March 2016

And what do you think Mr Johnson?

Boris Johnson debate 4

May 2013

So a huge disagreement between Boris and his opponent Boris. Question Number 3.
Some people claim it would be too difficult in practical terms for Britain to leave the EU. Mr Johnson, do you agree?

Boris Johnson debate 6

Feb 2016

Mr Johnson? Do you agree with Mr Johnson?

Boris Johnson debate 5

March 2016

Question Number 4…

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Let’s Be Honest: 10 Questions Every Christian Needs To Answer

Skepticism is healthy. Any philosophy worth believing is worth questioning. These are 10 questions I have for believers to get them to see if their faith is valid and worth keeping. Chances are, you have some questions of your own that you would like those of a religious mindset to ponder as well.

Source: Let’s Be Honest: 10 Questions Every Christian Needs To Answer • The Thinker


Thoughtful piece…

Glasses Screenbean


One of the problems with democracy, is that the average voter knows relatively little about the complex and nuanced realities of the economy and the wider world.  The precarious balancing act of fiscal policy, domestic spending, diplomacy, taxation, trade and more, is like trying to blow a ball of jelly up a hill using trained ferrets with hairdryers strapped to their backs.

Fanciful concepts like closing borders, halving tax rates or disbanding government departments, can sound attractive when considered in isolation, but when understood from a wider position you realise that everything is linked and has a knock on effect.  If every decision in this country went to a referendum, we would be bankrupt in a few years and before long degenerate into a failed, lawless state.  Ok, so that is a slight exaggeration.

There exists a safety net.  All of the main parties are relatively sensible, although they can  wildly…

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7 Years

This is a beautiful song that I discovered watching Britain’s Got Talent (I know, I know). There’s a twofer as the first video shows Lukas singing, and the second shows the lyrics, so you can sing along. Unfortunately, embedded play seems to be disabled for these videos, so when you click the links YouTube will open in a new tab.

Video of Lukas singing

Video with lyrics

Dancing Screenbean

Baby otter reunited with family

This is just one big aaah…


Why Evolution Is True

Of course we’ll close the day with a heartwarmer—a video sent by reader Su.  It tells the tale of a baby otter who became separated from its group. After some rearing—it took twenty people to effect the whole operation—it was brought back to good nick and released into the care of its previous group.

This all took place in Singapore, a place I hope to visit this fall.

If after seeing this you don’t have some restoration of your faith in humanity, you’re made of stone.


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Islamic Extremism – A Politically Incorrect Rant

A forceful argument that I find convincing…

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

Religious fundamentalists and extremists are people who practice the fundamentals of their religion extremely well.

I am becoming extremely agitated over the seemingly endless willful ignorance surrounding the seemingly endless atrocities committed by Islamists. You would think that after the hundredth time or so, and here I omit centuries of devastation wrought by this religion – but you would think that after all of the atrocities committed within last decade or so, that people would stop making excuses for a belief system that clearly fuels such violence. You would think that people might, just for a moment, put down their pretentious pandering and their pathetic platitudes and their mantras of political correctness, and have the courage to say, the problem is Islamism – the problem is Islam. How many more Islamic atrocities need we suffer before silent and cowardly scholars throw their hats into the discussion? How many more lives…

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Donald Trump, Your New Emperor of Wine, Rates the 2015 Bordeaux

You know what’s wrong with Bordeaux? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Bordeaux. It’s made by French people. Did you know that? Yeah, totally made by French people. So no wonder I didn’t like any of the 2015 Bordeaux I tasted—French people are losers.

More winey satire from The Hosemaster.

How a Churchill quote was “stitched up” to support Brexit


Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

blogger+churchill+quote+stitched+up[1]Dead people can’t sue or answer back. Maybe that’s why supporters of Brexit thought they could get away with fabricating a quote by Winston Churchill to support Britain leaving the European Union.

Increasingly doing the rounds in the lead-up to Britain’s EU referendum is a quote by Churchill which it is claimed he said to Parliament on 11 May 1953 when he was Britain’s Prime Minster.

The quote or variants of it, usually depicted alongside a photo of Churchill, is being heavily promoted on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and quoted in readers commentsin multiple newspapers and blogs, usually by UKIP supporters.

The quote is being used to prove that Churchill would never have supported Britain’s membership of the EU, and that if he were alive now, he would be against the concept of today’s European Union and vote for Brexit in June’s referendum. 

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